Some things you didn’t know about the mountains

After the stress of everyday life; humans can rest in the middle of nature. Where we can go for example? If you like to spend your vacation in nature you can go to the sea; in the desert; go camping ….
Today we are going to talk about a good destination that allows us to have a good holiday; It is the mountains.

What are the benefits of the mountain?

Holidays in the mountains are a type of sports holiday. Nowadays many people go to the mountains and stay there for days; because they see that the mountain is a source of well-being. Indeed, the mountain stimulates the body. The higher you go, the more oxygen becomes scarce. We run out of steam, the heart beats faster.
After a few days of sport, we will have increased our physical capacities. This is how high-level athletes regularly perform sessions at altitude.
The mountains are the best place to retreat on your vacation, to connect with nature.

Even a visit to the mountains for less than a week can help us lose weight.
High altitude can also decrease appetite, which makes us feel full. Just living at high altitudes can cause you to lose weight. If you want to lose weight but can’t go to the mountains, you can lose weight.
Being in the mountains allows your lungs to breathe oxygen without gas or air pollution. Fresh air promotes breathing problems and makes breathing easier in asthma. The most common smell on a mountain trip is that of pine.

The benefits of a summer vacation in the mountains aren’t all physical – they can be emotional, too.

What are the activities that we can practice when we go to the mountains?

Hiking: Hiking allows us to discover mountain lakes, discover mountain pastures, and admire pleasant landscapes.

Mountain fishing: The mountain is the ideal place for fishing, whether in rivers or lakes.

Climbing: Climbing allows us to have incredible panoramas and good sensations.

Tennis in the mountains: We can play tennis in the mountains surrounded by incredible views.

Do activities for children: The mountains are a very large space that can be used to make games and activities for children.

We can take the babies to the altitude? If yes when?

« You can take a baby to the mountains, from the first months, up to an altitude of 1800 m », explains Edwige Antier, a pediatrician. The only condition to be respected: take stock of the baby’s health.
but your child must not go to the mountains:

– If he is anemic (lack of red blood cells.

– If he suffers from heart murmur.

He would then run the risk of experiencing adaptation difficulties due to the altitude and the drop in oxygen pressure.
What precautions should be taken so that babies adapt well to altitude?
For a gradual adaptation, during the journey, a meal break (or hotel) must be observed at around 1200 or 1400 m altitude. During the trip (during the ascent and descent), it is important to give the infant regular feedings or bottles, to avoid earaches … .

Mountain herbs, an amazing palette of flavors, and a unique source of inspiration :

when we go foraging and never tire of exploring all the magnificent herbs offered by the mountains! ! the herbs that grow in the mountains are simply wonderful and offer us an incredible palette of scents and flavors.
We can find many types of herbs in the mountain like:

And many other types of plants that we can use for our meals and also very effective for our health.

Really Mountains helps humans find inner peace and will, therefore, remain an ideal health destination to offer us moments of tranquility; also the mountains allow us to practice different activities useful for our health.