The benefits of nature; benefits and pictures

The benefits of nature: We spend far too much time in urban areas today; and we easily find ourselves trapped between noise, pollution, stress; and lack of space. Our desire to escape is therefore particularly justified:

We now need to breathe large bowls of air in order to regenerate ourselves. Micro-adventure is precisely adapted to our modern lives since we often lack time.

The benefits of nature

However, the less athletic can be satisfied with a short getaway in the forest:

The simple fact of coming into contact with natural elements such as trees, stones, water, animals; and even the wind, is enough for us. infuse a healthy dose of positive energy.

Indeed, nature does not limit itself to limiting the risk of disease; but also gives us a feeling of general well-being:

A real physical and psychological added value. Thus, the functioning of our body is greatly improved after a stay in nature, however brief it may be. Breathing a dose of fresh air or taking a few steps in the woods, among other things, reduces our blood pressure, facilitates our blood circulation, strengthens our muscular capacities; and plays a vital role in the fight against obesity as well. Then against many other diseases, including cancer.

However, nature is also good for our brain, in particular thanks to the significant reduction in the feeling of stress that it provides.

The same goes for our attention span which; too often distracted by screens, is finally free to focus on simple but essential things. And then, the simple fact of being amazed can also be very pleasant.

The benefits of  nature
The benefits of  nature
The benefits of  nature
The benefits of  nature
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