NASA Mars Mission: NASA rover Perseverance lands on Mars

NASA Mars Mission 2021: At the end of a seven-month trip; NASA’s Perseverance robot landed on Mars on Thursday as part of a mission intended; among other things, to search for traces of ancient life on the Red Planet.

“Landing confirmed!” Exclaimed Swati Mohan

Seven months of space travel; decades of work; and billions of dollars to answer a single question: Did life ever exist anywhere other than Earth? The Perseverance rover landed on Martian soil after seven months of travel; announced Thursday evening by the US space agency; a resounding success for NASA which marks the beginning of a mission of several years.

NASA immediately released a photo taken by the rover there. « Hi, world. My first sight of the house that will be mine forever; ”tweeted the rover’s official account to accompany the extraordinary black and white image; on which we can see the shadow of the vehicle projected on the ground.

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What does NASA’s « Mars 2020 » mission consist of?

The « Mars 2020 » mission of the American agency of NASA began on July 30, 2020; from the Cape Canaveral launch pad in Florida; during the takeoff of the Perseverance rover aboard an Atlas V rocket, heading to Mars.

The mission « Mars 2020 » aims to « understand the geological and chemical context on the surface of Mars and also to collect samples in order to one day be able to bring them back to Earth »; then summarized to AFP Matt Wallace, deputy head of the « Mars 2020 » mission.

« It’s the end of a journey and the start of an adventure that will last 10 years » commented this Friday; February 19 Jean-Yves Le Gall; President of CNES (National Center for Space Studies), on LCI. « For now, Perseverance is at crater G-0.

The rover is going to head towards the famous delta where there was water. It really is a place to find life if it really existed. Clays could trap vestiges of bacteria. In a week, work will begin with laser shots to analyze the soil of Mars. Samples will also be taken « .

Astronaut Jean-François Clervoy was delighted with the landing at the microphone of BFMTV: « I find that absolutely extraordinary! (…) This quest for knowledge and knowledge is the noblest, it pushes us to do incredible things. We achieved a feat! « . Perseverance is only the fifth rover to successfully travel to Mars since 1997.